how to buy cars with no money down and with a poor credit score?

Many people face difficulty while buying a car – one of the major problems is the car financing.How is a person with a not so good credit score going to get the car loans?Getting the car loans would not be difficult if you have a decent credit score.But if the credit is below standards,the process is going to take time and the rejection chances are also higher.One way of increasing the approval probability is to get a cosigner.Remember that your own parent can act as the cosigner.So if your mom or dad has a great credit score,ask them to cosign and you would get the car loans without too much trouble.

No money down car loans with poor credit score?

If you are ready to give a down payment,getting the car financing will be simple – since this is a big security given to the lender,the credit requirements are not going to interfere with the car loan approval process.But if you do not have too much savings then the approval is definitely going to be difficult without a cosigner.

Other options for the car loans / car financing?

Some other options available to you would be to get the dealer financing.I agree that you would see massive interest rates in the case of a dealer financing.But this is the only way if you do not have any down payments – getting the financing through them would be much simpler because of the fact that the dealers will be always looking for selling the cars as fast as possible.Actually i have got the non fuel efficient cars much more easily from the dealers.