90 day loans – learn how to get the lowest interest 90 day loans

The payday loans may be the quick solutions for people but there are several disadvantages in getting these loans.The disadvantage of these payday loans is that there are chances that a borrower would default and end in a debt trap – this would happen after you miss payments even after several paydays and the interest escalates to a sky high value.So how about a quick loan but with longer terms – they are nothing but the 90 DAY LOANS !

Features and advantages of the 90 day loans:

The major advantage of getting the 90 day loans is that these financial solutions have a very high approval rate.Moreover another advantage is the speed of availability – they are mostly given within a day.So as you might see these loans have the same benefits as the payday loans but with longer terms.So chances of defaulting are minimal and you are going to be very happy with the affordable payments.

Interests of the 90 day loans:

The interest for these loans would usually be in the range of 10 to 30 dollars per 1000 dollars – yes ,they are high.But you have got no other option.Since these are short term solutions and are given at lightning speeds when you need a fast cash solution,the interest rates are definitely going to be high.

Requirements and Guidelines:

1.You need to be employed and must be making at least 500 dollars per month so as to get qualified,

2.you need to have a valid checking account ,

3.if you do not have a checking account,you must at least provide a savings account.

Remember that getting approval for these loans is not going to be a problem if you have a decent income every month – so wait a little more and search extensively to get best offers.