Get home mortgage loans immediately after chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy with help from cosigners?

I have seen some people ask questions like – “can i get a new mortgage immediately after the bankruptcy.I have a cosigner!!” – i can understand that the borrower has gone through a bad patch in life and had to file a bankruptcy.But even though you are ready to present a cosigner,the lenders are going to consider as heavy risks and so they will not be willing to give you the mortgage.

What is the best way to get home mortgage loans after chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy?


=>Like i said earlier,getting the mortgage immediately is not possible.So you need to wait.But waiting does not mean just sitting or working while living on a rented house…there is heavy work for you on doing the credit repair,

=>Doing the credit repair is very vital after the bankruptcy.Improving the bad credit score is not hard at all.Never miss this period to rebuild the credit score.Remember that you are going to lose more than hundred credit points because of the bankruptcy and so you need to do everything possible so as to make your credit normal.Remember that credit repair hard but easy if you are patient enough to research more through the internet.

=>Although you try hard to do the credit repair,the credit score would not increase in just a month – so you have to work more and be patient.You may also look at the option of getting a bad credit mortgage loans with a 20 percent down payment

=>If you are not ready to pay a 20% down payment,the PMI will be needed.Getting a low interest mortgage loan will be possible if you are ready with the cash for down payments.