“I cannot pay the mortgage anymore!Please help”

People who cannot pay the mortgage payments will have to find a solutions soon.This is because if you do not pay the mortgages for a long period,the foreclosure notice will be reaching you soon.This is surely going to cause you much more problems – might end in foreclosure and the sheriff sale.Thus make sure that you are acting as soon as possible.Do not delay anything until the last minute.Getting a bad credit mortgage loan is a better idea for people with bad credit score.But you must also make sure that you will not have any problems with the high interest rate in the future.

When you are not able to make the mortgage payment for a month,sit down and think for a minute.Will you be able to pay the mortgage anymore or not??If you say a definite “NO!” then it is time to get a solution from the lender.But if you think that you will be able to pay the mortgage soon then its ok.Iam giving you this piece of advice because many people act very late – this has to be avoided.What is the use of waiting for so long when you are sure that you will definitely not be able to pay the mortgage anymore?Hope you understand my idea.

What are the solutions available for mortgage missed payments?

These are the best solutions available to you for bringing back everything to normal:

  1. mortgage forbearance
  2. refinance or
  3. loan modification.

Forbearance will be much easier to get from the lender because there is no loss for the lender to give you this solution.Where as if the lender modifies the mortgage [by reducing the interest rate or cutting  a portion of the principal],he is definitely lost a part of the cash he should have got from the borrower.Hence there is a disadvantage.But still all lenders would only want the foreclosure not to happen.