Good secured credit cards to build your credit after a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

After bankruptcy ….. ? ? ?

People will be confused about what has to be done to avoid all the disadvantages associated with a bankruptcy discharge – there is nothing to worry about the credit repair.The best way through which you can improve the credit score is getting a new credit card.Credit cards after bankruptcy are not impossible at all.

But,will the credit card companies give me credit card after a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

It is difficult to get a credit card from the companies since your credit score has gone down by hundreds of points and is now very less – but there is a solution.You can get the secured credit cards since these are much easier to obtain.

Recommend me good secured credit cards to build my credit after chap 13 bankruptcy?

Since you have undergone the bankruptcy discharge,approaching the lenders who really give credit cards to people with bad credit score is much more sensible than asking every company.

Here are some i recommend:

Capital One,First Premier, Orchard Bank and the H.S.B.C .And remember that it is always best to keep the old credit card accounts – these would mean that you have a very good reputation in managing finances and a very good reliable borrower.Make sure that you are making the payments in full.