How do i find my unpaid principal balance of the mortgage loan?

If you are a new home owner i know that you will be wondering about this question – “how to really how much remaining principal do i owe to the lender?”.Here is the answer to it:

Let us say that you have got a mortgage for about 200K usd at an interest rate of 6% annual interest rate.

Now multiply the mortgage amount and the interest rate.In our case it is going to be .05 x  200,000=12000 dollars.Thus you need to pay a monthly mortgage payment of about 1000 usd.

Now suppose say you need to pay 1100 USD at the first day of the month,so that mean 1100-1000=100USD which is the principal portion of the mortgage.So you have just paid $100 of the mortgage principal.So the remaining the amount is going to be 200k-$100.This is the unpaid principal balance to the lender.