When is my credit score going to increase after paying off credit cards?

People who have gone through the bankruptcy filing may be heart broken and would be looking for ways to rebuild their credit score.If so,the secured credit cards would be the best solution for such people to improve the credit scores and rebuild the repayment abilities again – once your score starts looking good again,there are high chances of getting another loan – even a new mortgage can be obtained after bankruptcy discharge.

When will my credit score go up after paying off credit cards?

If you are wondering about how long it would take to see increase in the credit rating,here is the answer to your question:

The credit score will go up once the credit agencies are informed about the credit card payments by the credit card company.So that means you are sure to see the increase in credit score in 30 days – that would be a great relief for people who have recently undergone the bankruptcy.

Should i close the credit card accounts after paying the credit card debt?

Many people wonder if they should close the credit card account once they pay off all the debts – but remember that the length of the credit card is very very important in the FICO score – so always have old cards and these are going to prove your repaying abilities to other lenders.

What can i do after paying the credit card debts?

A simple thing can bring about massive results – the similar thing is involved with the old credit cards.Once you pay the debt,do not close the account – use it regularly and get small amount from it.Since it is a small affordable amount,you are not going to have any difficulty in paying it back.By doing this way,you are going to build a very strong credit.Simple isn’t it?And remember that if you just keep the account open and do not do anything with it,the creditor will close it for inactivity.So do like i said earlier and you will get more benefits.