Does your credit score get lower when you apply for multiple credit cards in a single day?

Are you wondering if the credit score gets lowered when you apply for lot of credit cards?The answer is “Yes it would affect your credit rating !!”.Every time someone pulls your credit score,the credit is going to drop down.Although the score is going to decrease only by a small amount,when several cards are applied and lenders start pulling credit,you are going to see a good drop in your credit rating.

Things to remember about getting new credit cards:

=>Do not get be new credit cards and close them after a few months – remember that getting a credit card and then maintaining a long history with them [with regular payments of course] is going to do you a lot more good than closing it.

=>Getting a credit card by 18 year olds will be easier if you have a employment.Being employed is always preferred by the banks despite the no credit history,

=>If you have a bad credit score,then get a new credit card from the credit card companies who have a good history of accepting people with a poor credit.This would save you a lot of energy and efforts – talk to someone who had a bad credit and recently got a credit card,

=>Remember that the companies will closely the open credit accounts but with zero account activity,

=>So to establish a good credit history,you need to open a credit account and also use the credit card regularly – just use it for small things and do not get anything which seems unaffordable to you.

=>Getting the credit cards after chapter 13 bankruptcy is also a better way to rebuilt credit.