What is the best credit cards to apply for after bankruptcy to reestablish credit?

Life After bankruptcy is not terrible…Kick start life with a new credit card !

If you have filed for the bankruptcy recently,the next step to start a fresh chapter in your life is to begin searching for the credit cards.This is one of the best steps followed by almost all the borrowers to reestablish their credits.Remember that increasing the credit score is not going to happen in just a month.So have patience – bankruptcy is a major problem which would affect your loan  approval chances severely.You need to have a complete strategy on doing the credit repair.

Have you checked what is on your credit report?

Many people would not even have checked about what is on their credit report.If so ,do it now.You can get the credit report from all the three credit agencies.If you do not want to purchase it,get your free annual credit report – you will not be required to pay at all.Now carefully go through the credit report and see if there any errors.Many people find errors in their credit reports – there are definite chances that you will find one.If you find any errors,start disputing with the credit agency.Clearing all the errors in the credit report must be the first step towards regaining the credit score.

What are the best credit cards to apply for after bankruptcy?

These are the three options for best credit cards after bankruptcy:

H.S.B.C ,

First Premier and

Orchard Bank.

But remember that getting a secured credit card is always the best option since your credit is already damaged and the unsecured credit cards might not be easily given to you.Getting a pre-paid credit/debit card will also be the best option.

You must not just stop with getting the credit cards,but should regularly pay the payments to the lender – this will slowly increase the credit and would be very useful once you plan to get a mortgage after the bankruptcy.It is possible to buy a home after bankruptcy – but a little time is required to bring back the decent credits.